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State of Arizona Telework Program

Office of Travel Reduction Programs

100 N. 15th Avenue, Suite 431

Phoenix, Arizona  85007

(602) 542-7433




Begin the training process by completing the self-assessment.  If you believe your answers indicate you are a viable candidate for telework, you can approach your supervisor about the possibility of working from home one day a week or whenever is appropriate.


When meeting with your supervisor, have your completed self-assessment with you as rationalization for your request.  Once your supervisor determines that you are a viable candidate for telework, return to this page for required Telework Training.


Telework Training

Now that you have completed your self-assessment AND your supervisor has agreed that you are a viable candidate for telework, you can register for CBT Telework Training - TRP1000.  Log into the Y.E.S. system, and then go to the Employee Training section. CBT Telework Training - TRP1000 is listed under the category Travel Reduction.  Print out a copy of the CBT companion workbook - Telework Training Workbook (fillable pdf).


State of Arizona Telework Program Policies and Procedures including Telework Agreement

Read the State of Arizona Telework Program Policies and Procedures found on printed pages 18 and 19 of the Telework Training Workbook (fillable pdf).  These policies cover the risk management, as well as legal and personnel concerns that apply to every State employee.


Check with your Agency's Telework Coordinator to see if you have any agency specific telework policies that will apply.  If you do not know who your Agency Telework Coordinator is, call 602-542-RIDE.


If feasible, schedule time with your supervisor to complete, together, the CBT Telework Training-TRP1000 and go through the companion workbook.  You and your supervisor will use the CBT and companion workbook to identify and answer the more personal concerns that both of you may have regarding this potential new working arrangement.


When you find an issue of concern, determine how you will address it and then write your decision in the body of the formal Telework Agreement found on printed pages 15, 16, and 17 of the workbook.  When you and your supervisor are satisfied that you have answered all of your concerns, sign the Telework Agreement and send a copy to your Agency's Telework Coordinator.


Remember your agreement must be renewed annually.

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