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State of Arizona Telework Program

Office of Travel Reduction Programs

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Tools You May Need to Work From Home




Overview of Telework and Virtual Office


One way to help you juggle your work/life commitments is to telework, to work from home a day or so each week. When you telework, you not only get a more relaxed working environment; you save an hour of commute time and you can schedule your 8 hour work-day around your life for once. It may surprise you that the average State employee will spend six (40-hour) workweeks in his/her car this year just commuting to and from work. So the more you telework each week, the more time you redeem for your other priorities.


Typical equipment usually required for telework is a phone, computer, internet, and appropriate work station. There are some cases where a computer is not required. If you have questions about equipment that may be required, check with your agency Travel Reduction Coordinator or call the State of Arizona Telework Program at 602.542.7433.


Since 1993, Arizona Governors have included mandated telework as an important part of their plan to help put an end to our notorious Brown Cloud. Additionally, telework is a powerful key business strategy to help the State attract and retain quality employees.


Within State government, offering the opportunity to work at home is a management option; teleworking is not a universal employee benefit. Supervisors may select those candidates who are the right kind of worker, have the right kind of job and have the right home environment to be successful teleworkers.


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