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Determining Who Should Telework


The opportunity to telework is a management option; teleworking is not a universal employee benefit. Supervisors will determine those candidates who are best-suited to telework, have a viable telework job and the appropriate home environment for successful teleworking.


This employee self-assessment tool was designed to help you and your employees determine if telework would be a practical work option. Those employees who are highly focused, self-sufficient, flexible, have great organization skills and enjoy the solitude of working at home may be the most adaptable to teleworking.*  Employees interested in telework may complete the self-assessment and schedule to meet with you to review their assessment results.


In addition to determining if an employee possesses the right skills to handle a telework arrangement, managers also need to consider the position or job this person has within the organization. Telework may be feasible for work that requires thinking and writing, such as data analysis, reviewing grants or cases, and writing regulations, decisions, or reports. Whereas telework would not be viable for a position or job that requires extensive face-to-face contact with their supervisor, other employees, clients, or the public.*


If you determine that both the employee and his/her position/job is suitable for teleworking, visit the Telework Training page together and print out a copy of the Telework Training Workbook. Each workbook contains a copy of the State's Telework Policies and a blank Telework Agreement. There is also an online Telework Agreement which can be completed and saved. A companion CBT titled TRP1000 will help you both quickly navigate the workbook, identify any unresolved concerns and decide together how those issues will be resolved. When you are both satisfied, the employee's resolved items will be transferred into a formal Telework Agreement that you both will sign and adhere to. Remember if it is not working out, either the supervisor or employee may cancel the agreement at any time without notice.


If you disagree with an interested employee on specific criteria in his/her self-assessment, consider working with the candidate for improvement. Our research reveals that employees are willing to work for the opportunity to work at home. Telework can be very powerful management tool.


Telework offers many benefits for the State, the employee and the community, but telework will require a shift of focus from whether an employee looks busy, to how much work an employee actually is accomplishing. Click here for a brief review of managing teleworkers.


* VIACK Corporation - Implementing & Managing a Telework Program


Additional Resource: Valley Metro - Telework Program Selection Criteria


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