This webpage is reserved for the State of Arizona employees (non-university) in Maricopa County.



State of Arizona Telework Program

Office of Travel Reduction Programs

100 N. 15th Avenue, Suite 431

Phoenix, Arizona  85007

(602) 542-7433


Your Next Step

Thank you for completing the telework self-assessment form. Please continue reading this page to analyze your results and determine your next step.


How Did You Do?

Are you the right kind of worker? If your answer to questions 1 through 9 was “Yes,” you’re the kind of employee likely to be successful working at home. (Questions answered “Somewhat” or “Not really” indicate potential problem areas.)


Do you have the right kind of job? You should be able to check every item under Question 10.


Do you have the right home environment? Before you start working at home, you should be able to check every item under Question 11.


What’s Next?

If you believe your answers indicate you’re likely to be a successful teleworker, share your completed survey with your supervisor.


Next Steps:

▪  Approach your supervisor about the possibility of working from home one day a week or whenever appropriate. Take a completed self-assessment survey with you as justification for your request.
▪  If your supervisor agrees that you are a candidate for telework, you are ready to complete the CBT Telework Training TRP1000.

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