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State of Arizona Telework Program

Office of Travel Reduction Programs

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Are You An Employee?



Telework is one way to help you manage your work/life commitments. When you telework, you not only get a more convenient working environment; you save commute time and expenses. It may surprise you that the average State employee will spend six (40-hour) workweeks in their car per year just commuting to and from work. When you telework each week, you gain yourself added personal time while reducing commuter traffic and the resulting air pollution that degrades everyone’s quality of life in the Valley.


Since 1993, Arizona Governors have included telework as an important part of their plan to help put an end to our notorious Brown Cloud.  Additionally, telework serves as a key business strategy to help the State attract and retain quality employees.


All State agencies, boards and commissions are mandated by Executive Order to implement the State of Arizona Telework Program with the goal of having 20% of all employees in Maricopa County actively participating.


Within Arizona State Government, offering the opportunity to work from home is a management option; teleworking is not a universal employee benefit/entitlement. Supervisors/managers will determine which employees are qualified and identify specific jobs suitable for work away from the traditional office.


Are You A Candidate?


If you believe your answers indicate you’re likely to be a successful teleworker, you can approach your supervisor about the possibility of working from home one day a week or whenever is appropriate. Take your completed self-selection survey with you as rationalization for your request.




Meeting With My Supervisor


The next step after completing the self-assessment is to schedule a meeting with your supervisor. Click on the button below for helpful tips to make your meeting go smoothly.



State of Arizona Telework Program Policies and Procedures


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Telework Tips


Whether you are teleworking all the time or just one or two days a week, there are some common tips to being a great teleworker.




Telework Training


This training can be completed through  CBT Telework Training TRP1000. Log into the Y.E.S. system, and then go to the Employee Training section. CBT Telework Training TRP1000 is listed under the category Travel Reduction.




Telework Workbook & Agreement


Click on the button below to fill out an agreement or to renew your existing agreement.



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