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Telework - A Pandemic Strategy


Telework - A Pandemic – Continuity of Operations (COOP) Strategy


Telework may be a key element of every agency’s emergency preparedness efforts. By preparing your agency’s employees who work on essential processes to effectively work from home on a moment’s notice, your agency will be taking a giant leap toward ensuring Continuity of Operations (COOP). When assembling a team to administer this program, be sure to involve your Agency’s Travel Reduction Coordinator, who is already familiar with the State of Arizona Telework Program and members from your IT department.


Critical Function (CF) Teleworkers differ from regular teleworkers in that they will regularly practice using remote connectivity tools to perform their everyday tasks from home in preparation for an emergency. Regular teleworkers may or may not use remote connectivity.


Below are some recommended action steps to plan and implement a Critical Function Telework Program.


Identify Critical Employees 

1.     Define your agency’s essential processes (i.e., those that must be continued or resumed within at least 12 hours and for up to 30 days after a disruption).

2.     Identify employees who are critical to carrying out these processes.


Determine Remote Access Protocol 

1.     Some agencies administer their own Virtual Private Network (VPN). Others request VPN accounts from the Department of Administration.

2.     Once an employee has a VPN account, most agencies allow their employees to utilize the Remote Desktop Connection feature on their home computer.

3.     The Help Desk section of the ADOA IT website contains the remote access request form, a video tutorial, remote desktop instructions, and many other resources -

4.     In addition to your agency’s information security policy, some divisions may want to develop their own addendum that includes items pertaining specifically to their employees.


Administer Program

(Below are some of the action steps followed by the ADOA when administering the program.)


1.     Assistant Directors were briefed and asked to identify their critical function employees and to develop necessary security policies specific to their division.

2.     Critical function employees were asked to become trained teleworkers with signed agreements and to request the appropriate connectivity services. The State of Arizona Telework Workbook and Agreement are online as well as the Telework Training CBT (TRP 1000). These telework tools can be found on Y.E.S, in the training section, under Registration by Category, under Travel Reduction.

3.     Critical function employees were asked to practice performing their essential processes from home on a regular basis to remain prepared to work remotely in the event of an emergency. Employees were instructed to work with their managers to identify and resolve any barriers they found to working remotely.

4.     All critical function employees were instructed to utilize code 110 on their timesheets to record telework hours.

5.       Critical function employees were tracked through the training and connectivity process to assure that each employee was successfully prepared. The agency also used HRIS pay code 110 on demand reports to track the telework frequency of critical function employees.


Create A Critical Function Website (Optional)

Your agency may want to consider creating a one-stop shop with all the information and resources a critical function employee may need. ADOA created an Intranet site for such purposes. Selected employees were sent an email describing the program with a link to the website. ADOA’s intranet site includes:

  • Steps all critical function employees are to follow with links to pertinent documents

  • A training module, including workbook

  • The telework agreement, agency telework policies, security policies, and the remote connectivity request form

  • A section describing ADOA’s connectivity services with video tutorials

  • Questions & Answers


Pandemic Influenza Planning Guide

For State of Arizona Agencies

Prepared by ADOA Human Resources

June 2013


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By: Don Philpott, Editor, Homeland Defense Journal


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